Academy of Arts and Letters Exhibition Installation, 2010

"Jane Rosen's work exemplifies the balance between pathos and logos and the pluralism of today's society. Her work not only engages the viewer through her handling of materials and knowledge of her subject, but it communicates eternally optimistic and complex messages about the symbiotic relationships between humanity and nature, mind and soul and the real and ideal. Jane is thoroughly employed in the process of discovering and sharing perceptions about both infinitely small and large relationships that sustain a meaningful balance in our lives." Bob Durden, Museum Consulting Services

Light Morph/Dark Morph 2012
New Glass

A Class of Birds 2010

Mei Mei Series 2007


PC (Pacific Coast)
Buddhi Series 1999
Personify 1997

Better Nature 1993
Mincher-Wilcox 1990

Sun/Moon 1989
Oak Island Studies 1988
Forming 1986

  Early Work

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