Seeing Through Touch

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The following interview with artist and teacher Paul Reynard first appeared in issue 15 of the publication Material For Thought. It is reproduced here with the kind permission of Far West Editions. Please visit their website at

Beyond Beauty: An Interview with Paul Reynard

The following article is an interview with artist Judy Pfaff by Richard Whittaker. It appeared in the first issue of the magazine Works + Conversation. Please visit their website at

An Interview with Judy Pfaff

The first article below is an interview with Jane Rosen by Rue Harrison and Richard Whittaker. It appears in issue 8 of The Secret Alameda. The second article is a transcript of a day in Art 12, which was edited by Whittaker and published in issue 2 of his journal Works + Conversations. To find out more about Works + Conversations,visit its website at

TSA Interview with Jane Rosen

A Day in Art 12

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More on Jane Rosen at

View charcoal drawings by April Gornik

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